Who are we?


Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Of MyVHO
Sean Ward

Sean Ward, CEO of MyVHO, is an American pioneer of the vacation rental Industry and creator of automated management online. Sean Ward was born in San Francisco, California. He went to DeVry engineer program, where he found his passion for technology, and it was here where he realized the need of simplifying processes; and this matter would follow him for several years.

A few years later, he went back to his hometown South Lake Tahoe, California, to serve his community as a fire sciences coordinator and instructor. In addition he not only improved a two year degree fire science program at South Lake Tahoe Community College, but he was also in charge of tutoring and managing the program for ten years.

In 1996, Ward became involved in real estate and the vacation rental business. He realized there was a need for a more efficient online platform to manage rentals, and he created an patented automated management online system, the first automated platform.

Chief Product Officer and Co-founder on MyVHO
Zorka Aguilar

Zorka Aguilar, Co-Founder and Chief Product Manager of MyVHO. Aguilar has an MA in International Marketing and a BA in communications. She specialized in television reporting and journalism from an early age. She launched her first company at the age of 18 where she found her true passion was executing marketing campaigns and managing public relations for major world brands.

Zorka has over 15 years background working in PR and as well as a journalist branding the image of important multinational companies like Pfizer, Movistar, Baker and Mackenzie, Novartis, Boheringher Ingelhiem, Faber Castell, Nescafe, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Derco, Owens Illinois, and others.

Frequent traveler and worldwide citizen, she met Sean in Europe, where she had relocated after obtaining an International Master degree at CEU San Pablo university in Madrid. Together they founded MyVHO in North America, and subsequently launched a Peruvian Office, looking to expand in Latin markets where she is a specialist.

Chief Technology Officer on MyVHO
Francisco Gálvez

Francisco Galvez is a Chief Technology Officer and co-founder at MyVHO.

Galvez was in charge of creating platforms for several companies in Sevilla. After working for another technology company for a bit, he decided to launch his own start up to develop platforms, before becoming a co-founder at MyVHO.

Francisco, also holds a Biology and Biochemical degree from the Sevilla university. Working in the Web industry since 2005, he has been developing successful web projects along his career. Francisco manages the technological strategy of the company and platform development.


Find your next adventure

Myvho Specials
Myvho.com has special sections for important events of the year. We also have been creating categories for groups of properties with similar destination purposes: romance, sports, beach locations, cultural, etc? Our goal is to make navigation easier in order to find a new adventure.

The Right Fit
Use all the tools at your disposal to find your perfect listing and home owners. Reviews, verified photos, maps and more help you evaluate listings.

Search by entering a city
Find the property that's right for you by entering your destination, dates and number of renters on the Myvho homepage or search page.

Map Search
For when it's all about location, location, location. Browse the results by location using the map view. Select map view by clicking the map button to the right of the search box. Check the box Redo search in map to update the search results when you move the map.


Questions to ask home owners

Contact home owners with any questions you have
Message home owners by clicking "Send Message", a blue button below their profile picture. Ask any questions you might have, and confirm availability. We recommend messaging multiple home owners, and we make it easy to reuse the same message. Your personal contact info and the home owners' information is kept private until after your reservation has been made to protect your privacy and safety.

Book now!

Make your reservation

When you've found the perfect property, book it now!!
Click the "Book now!" button on the Calculator frame, The home owner will then have 20 hours to respond. (If the home owner does not respond in that time, the booking expires.)

When a home owner accepts your reservation request, you will be notified by email and provided with a receipt, an itinerary and the direct contact details of your home owner including the exact address of the listing.
After your home owner accepts your reservation, your booking will be confirmed. However, Myvho will hold to your money until 20 hours after your check-in date, giving you an opportunity to see your accommodations and make sure they're up to par. You'll always be taken care of.

Reservation Requests

It's a good idea to fill out your profile before you start contacting home owners as many home owners prefer to learn about potential renters. The fastest way to fill out your profile is to connect your Facebook account. Home owners require complete profiles, an uploaded photo, add a description when you try to message them. Remember to get ID verification, and and to be a stellar renter, you should upload any ID or Driver License that confirms your identity.


After you click 'Book it now!', you'll be asked for your payment information. After filling out your payment details a reservation request will be sent to your home owner, who then has 20 hours to accept your reservation. Once a home owner accepts your reservation your reservation will be confirmed. However, Myvho will hold on to your money until 20 hours after you check in, so you have a chance to make sure the accommodations are up to par.


Your reservation is not final until your home owner accepts your reservation. Home owners have 20 hours to accept a reservation request or it will expire. After your home owner accepts your request you will receive a confirmation email, a receipt, an itinerary, and the direct contact information of your home owner, including the exact address of the listing. You can always access all of this information by going to "My Orders".

Security Deposits

Home owners have the option to add a security deposit to their listings to cover things such as wine stains and broken dishes. If your reservation includes a security deposit, we will pre-authorize your payment method for the amount of the deposit 24 hours before your arrival date. Home owners have 48 hours after you leave to file a security deposit claim with Myvho. We will mediate claims if necessary, or release the funds authorization if we don't hear from the home owners.

Make a Best Offer

Using Best Offer

You can negotiate the price with the Home Owner, giving you the opportunity to rent the item at a lower price than the Book Now price. The home owner can accept your offer, decline your offer, or make a counteroffer. However, you should only make what you consider to be your "best" offer for the item because any home owner who receives multiple offers for an item is likely to accept the highest Best Offer.

You should use Best Offer only when you're serious about making a purchase at your Best Offer price. If your offer is accepted by the home owner, you and the home owner are required to complete the transaction.

Now you're ready to hit the road!
Your vacation is so close you can almost taste it! But well before you hit the ground, contact your home owner to confirm arrival times and key exchanges. You can always find all the details of your stay, including home owner contact information, once you complete the transaction.


After your reservation is accepted, we'll provide you with the direct contact information for your home owner, including the exact address of the listing. Before you leave for your trip, it's important to contact your home owner and confirm your arrival time and coordinate the key exchange.


Get access to all your travel details on the go by downloading our iPhone and Android Apps, or by using our mobile website at Myvho.com.

Alter or Cancel

You can alter or cancel trips within your "My Trips" dashboard. You and your home owner can make adjustments to your reservations, like extensions or additional renters, if you both agree to them. You may cancel your reservation at anytime and Myvho will uphold the cancellation policy for your reservation.


After your stay, don't forget to leave a review! Reviews are the backbone of Myvho and each one makes our marketplace stronger. You can leave public reviews and provide private feedback to your home owners. After your check-out date you'll receive an email and a Hello Window notification requesting a review.

Listing my Place?

Post your face.

Sign up with Myvho, create a great profile, and upload a profile photo. Build your reputation by getting verified.

Add your property.

Click the List Your Property button to list your property, set your address, and upload photos. Accurately describe your property and select the appropriate amenities to give potential renters a good idea of what your listing has to offer. Don't forget to set your calendar availability to make sure renters don't contact you when you’re not available!

Add a security deposit or a cleaning fee with our flexible basic and advanced pricing system to make sure all your needs are met. Check Pet fee or any additional tips.

Don't forget to set up a payout method using our payment system.

Describe your property.

Start by listing all the adjectives and nouns that describe your home. Let the words flow. Don't worry about the order or spelling, just write them down as quickly as they pop into your mind.

Avoid Negative Ad Words

What you may see as honest and straight forward, a buyer will view as a drawback. Look over your list of words and cross off any that sound negative or misleading. For example, these are bad word choices:

  • Small or tiny
    Your home or condo might be cozy but it is not small.
  • Outdated
    It may be original vintage but outdated denotes old.
  • Oversized
    If your home is the largest home in the neighborhood, it's a white elephant and should be priced accordingly; however, there is no need to draw that fact to the renter's attention.
  • Cramped
    A home might be comfortable, but it is never cramped. Cramped can't be fixed.
  • Basement unit
    Basements are hard to rent. If given a choice between looking at a basement or penthouse, which would you choose? A better choice is "lower level".
  • Ugly but cute
    You might think this is clever, but a renter may not get past the "ugly" part.
  • Decorating allowance
    If you need to replace carpeting, for example, just do it. Renters worth it.
  • On bus line
    Although public transportation is important to urban buyers, most people picture listening to buses and smelling fumes when you mention it. A better choice is "public transportation available."
  • Near railroad tracks
    Not everybody appreciates hearing train whistles or feeling the rumble of trains roar past.

Ad Words That Sell Homes

Sell the sizzle, not the steak, is an adage that rings true. Think back to when you bought the home. What made you buy it? What single feature made you write that offer? Then play up those factors. Here are desirable words to use:

  • Beautiful
    Every home renter wants a beautiful home.
  • Turn-key
    If your home is ready to rent, say so.
  • Spacious
    Renters envision rentinga home large enough for their needs.
  • Back-yard paradise
    If your landscaping speaks volumes, play it up.
  • Fabulous layout
    If your square footage is small, a great layout will overcome objections to the size. Good flow can maximize space.
  • Huge master suite (or retreat)
    Reciting the number of bedrooms or baths won't tell renters the master has its own bath, which is a desirable feature.

Choose Short Descriptive Headlines

If you could choose one word to describe your home, what word pops into your mind? What is most attractive about your home? If it's location, style size or updates, sell those features in the headline. Here are a few examples:

  • Stunning Classic
  • Magnificent Mediterranean
  • Prestigious Location
  • Finest Street in (name of neighborhood)
  • Entertainer's Delight
  • Charming Cottage
  • Sparkling Pool & Private Spa
  • Beautiful Bungalow
  • Amazing Arts & Crafts
  • Fabulous Water Views
  • View of City Skyline
  • Secret Gardens
  • Upscale Urban

Beware of Fair Housing Law Violations

It is unlawful to discriminate against protected classes. They are:

  • Race -- do not advertise "minority community"
  • Color -- do not advertise "integrated neighborhood"
  • Religion -- do not mention nearby churches or places of worship
  • National Origin -- do not say "Hmong community"
  • Sex -- Bachelor apartment can be viewed as discriminatory against women
  • Handicap -- Mentioning walking distance is arguable if a renter is unable to walk
  • Familial Status -- You could get sued for saying "perfect for young couple"

Book your property.

Answer messages and reservation requests from prospective renters on time using the messaging system.

Review your renter once they have checked out. Share your experience; it is really important for you and others.

Why Myvho.com does phone verification number?

In an effort to protect our users from abuse, we sometimes ask users to verify their identity before they're able to create or sign into accounts. Requiring proof of identification via phone is an effective way to keep spammers from abusing our systems.